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Welcome to GameBag, the one website housing all of the best app and game reviews, tips and tricks. If you play video games, use popular Android/iOS apps on your smart phones and tablets, you’ll find everything that you need to get the most out of it right here on GameBag! We are GameBag Team and we welcome you to our website!

Hello guys! Let me personally welcome you to this website of ours, my name is David Minard and I’m the guy who’s in charge of GameBag.

The idea of the website like this one first came to me a very long time ago when I was still in high school. I always wanted and liked the idea of making simple websites that would enhance the experience or help the user with something in some way. That is precisely why I have optioned to become a web designer so that I can do what I wanted to do with efficiency and quality.

Only once the smart phone era kicked off and got up on both of its feet was when I realized that for all this time I’ve been surrounded by possibilities. Smart phone apps and mobile games were everywhere and all of them required some kind of virtual currency that the user needed to purchase to enjoy the game to its fullest. I saw this as an opportunity to finally set in motion what I always wanted to do and get some experience in mobile phone applications while I’m at it. That is exactly how the idea of GameBag became a reality.

There are a couple of my friends as well that are helping me out with the website so I’m not all alone. Most of them also have friends who will occasionally jump in to help with some of the more demanding projects that were working on, making the size of our team reach up to over fifteen people at some points.

It started off as a solo project but it soon turned out to be a sort of a joint operation between a couple of us. So far we were successful with each and every game, app or any kind of a review that we wanted to make and the results and feedback and were getting are quite satisfying.

With the team size increasing we are able to release more useful content in less time. OurĀ  library is pretty large right now but we promise to grow it even larger and to add more posts, categories for every game or app that you require of us to cover!

We encourage you to go and read our articles and see why so many people are talking about our website.

Regards, the GameBag Team!

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