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Return to Isla Nublar to build your park and battle your own dinosaurs! 0

Jurassic World: The Game – Throwback

This Sunday we have something special for all you dinosaur lovers out there. It has been a few months since we last review this game…While we don’t like repeating ourselves we’ve a feeling many...

dragon city android game filler post 0

Dragon City: Prepare to Fight!

  What is a better way to show off the might of your dragons than to let them roar and wreak havoc? There is none, we tell you. So after you breed your minions...

instructions on how to breed dragons in dragon city 0

How to Breed Dragons in Dragon City

Dragon City is all about dragons. You care for them, you feed them, you train them and you make them fight for you and your city. But first of all, you have to breed...

IMVU In-Depth Guide 0

IMVU: The World of Possibilities

In our last article we covered making your IMVU avatar. We explained to you how to create your new 3D persona and how to customize it. Also, we covered Chat rooms. How you can...

msp features you don't but should know about 0

MovieStarPlanet Features You Should Know About

We already talked about the mini games you can indulge yourself with during your time as a movie star in one of our previous articles. We all love gameception features and MovieStarPlanet offers not...

msp minigames overview 0

MovieStarPlanet Mini Games Overview

Who doesn’t want to be a movie star? In this game you take control of character on his or her way to stardom. First you have to create your Star. You have many presets...

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