Summoners War Hack and Crystal Cheat – No Survey!

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18 Responses

  1. Melnvina Dutschmann says:

    this website is great

  2. Natividad Bambrickk says:

    exactly what are some good and popular websites for websites???.

  3. rock sand says:


  4. sad says:

    Just what I need. Good job on optimizing this website, it loads like crazy!

  5. A real living commenter says:

    Though this game cant get any better. Im glad I was wrong xD

  6. FLAMINGVOID says:

    It worked!

  7. JPB says:

    It doesn’t work for me. I tried everything in order to pass the human verification but it won’t allow me to…. please fix it

    • David Minard says:

      Sometimes, the verification can, errrm misbehave. We are working on a way to mitigate and eventually completely remove the possibility of this happening. Sorry you had problems. You can try again in a couple of hours and see if it makes any difference.

      • JPB says:

        Hi David. I came back and now it works after some days. It really helped me a lot but it sux that it’s unreliable as this. Good to hear you’re working on it. Keep up the good work and good luck to gamebag

        • David Minard says:

          We’re doing the best we can as a non-profit blog. Remember that it’s just a couple of us and that we around 300 game hacks on this website. It’s a hack after all, we’re giving away something that was never supposed to be handed over like this so it’s only fair to expect some bumps along the road every now and then, please keep that in mind. We’re glad it worked out for your in the end!

  8. Brett Guilbeaux says:

    takes a lot of time to get back up on your feet once you screw your game up. if it were not for gamebag i would have GIVEN UP on the game completely and never touch it again. i owe my second chance to you i guess and i appreciate the effort you put into all of this

  9. Jahan says:

    At this point only hack can offer me something new to have in this game. I played this for years now. Lets see what you have to give me

  10. Rhoda Pebley says:

    my favorite RPG on cell phones. thanks for making it free for real

  11. Charlie Gamer says:

    anyone want to play? B-)

  12. queenis says:

    Just when i think this game will get old I find this hack for summoners war

  13. fusat53 says:

    someone was spamming and i had to do survey but it was easy, just long

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