MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017 Hack – Free Gold and Cash

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44 Responses

  1. Denzelo says:

    Amazing guys good job on creating this hack!!! πŸ˜€

  2. JohnyBoy says:

    Amazing hack, good job guys and thanks!

  3. Gregory T says:

    Nice looking website,generator is working fine so far…keep up the good work guys!

  4. Randy Holton says:

    Once I’ve downloaded the apps specified and followed the instructions I got my gold and cash!

  5. Randy H says:

    So, I’ve tried this several times now, and have not been able to get it to work. I’ve followed the instructions given for the generator, but it keeps giving me a message stating that I need to download two apps for the next page to unlock. When I install the additional apps, the page doesn’t advance to the next step, it just continues with the ” two more apps” message.

    • David Minard says:

      Hey Randy! You need to install the game and play for 30secs or more because it is not enough just to install it.

      • Randy H says:

        I did. I actually played each game for a couple of minutes, whether I was instructed to or not, but still no luck. Any other suggestions as to what the issue might be?

  6. James says:

    woow this is so cool! nice site

  7. Noah P says:

    The hack is working for me. I have installed and played the suggested apps, after that gold and cash started loading up on my account. Thanks GameBag!

  8. George says:

    It worked for me too. Played each game for over one minute and resources loaded on my acc.

  9. Andrew says:

    It worked for me. Downloaded 2 slot games. Played both for over 30 seconds each and resources added o my tsb account.

  10. Randy H says:

    Just tried it again.
    Loaded one app, started and ran for 1 minute or so. Got the prompt “you need to install 2 more apps.”
    Installed and ran 2 more apps.
    Got the prompt, “You need to install 2 more apps.”
    What’s​ going on here???

  11. Paul Arismendez says:

    It worked. Tried several times and I received gold and cash every time.

  12. Lance says:

    I installed 2 apps then sent me to a anti ban app.after that it sent a message saying I should of get my gold and gash within a couple of minutes..And it started to increase shortly after. Thank you GameBag

  13. Tj says:

    I got the success message both times and the resources got added. Thanks

  14. Derick says:

    Dont know why its working on iphone but not on ipad πŸ™

  15. JOshua says:

    Its not working for me πŸ™ how do you guys use this hack???

  16. Mattt says:

    great work guys, ty for resources

  17. Joesphhh says:

    My hack worked !

  18. JDD says:

    hello from miami

  19. FtFtPonyy says:

    Can somebody help me I did receive gold but didnt receive cash, why is that???

  20. Harold says:

    Its working fine for me

  21. Ryanb says:

    So I installed 3 games and played each for over 1 minute and have not got resources yet

  22. RoyalssFan says:

    Online Hack – Check
    iOs Simulator – Check
    Generate – Check
    Human Verification – Check
    Finish Button – Check
    Anti-Ban App – Installed
    Money/Gold In Game – Working!!!


  23. Stevee says:

    worked, got my resources after 10 minutes

  24. Osscar says:

    I downloaded and played for a min on each app but and it worked!

  25. Oscarr says:

    love your website!!!!

  26. Tonyy says:

    works for me ty guys

  27. Adi Srinivasann says:

    ty my ffirends

  28. Kevinn says:

    I downloaded the apps and everything went fine, but then it said that it processed and worked but i waited for a 5 min and got nothing

  29. Cena M says:

    Amazing trick, how do you make this hacks?

  30. zeet says:

    It took some time to load cash but i got both resources eventually
    thx people πŸ™‚

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