War Dragons Egg-tokens and Rubies Hack

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28 Responses

  1. Harrison says:

    I get rubies but i didnt get eggs tokens…is everything ok with your website?

  2. William GO says:

    why do i have to install this apps? 🙁

  3. Lorena says:

    It’s working but you have some bugs I waited for a few hours to receive the Egg tokens…

  4. JALA says:

    What about this antiban app? Do i need to do it?

  5. Johnny B says:

    Hey David can I do the interview of you on my gaming blog?

  6. MarkoMMG says:

    Merci 🙂

  7. Sam/MaliciousLove says:

    I have tried numerous times… I understood I need to verify.. and I download the apps it tells me run them for 30 secs, and after I played game my tokens and rubies started to load

  8. Adamm says:

    Why is it telling me to complete two offers, when your YouTube video shows only one offer needing to be complete. If tried many times but it doesn’t seem to be giving me the rubies or the tokens. Could you let me know why?

  9. Wolff says:


  10. Alexxx says:

    downloaded, and got my resources 10 mins ago

  11. Nicod says:

    Tried it 10 times and it always worked…!

  12. Mel Boost says:

    it worked for me

  13. Khoi says:

    I try this for war dragon not working . Does have to be new account or can you use for existing accounts. Downloaded two app and still didn’t take me away like I saw in video

  14. Cloi says:

    workss done it two times already. ty xD

  15. Justo Tajalle says:

    completed the two download apps and the requirements for each… but unable to get the verification page to unlock…? what needs to be done…

  16. dragoN says:

    Got rubies and eggs thanks for helping xD

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